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Are you sick and tired of living in a chaotic, cluttered and messy home? 

  • Are you lost when it comes to the day to day management of your home?

  • Are you feeling suffocated by all the stuff in your home?

  • Is your home always messy, no matter how much you try to keep it tidy?

  • Are you feeling guilty, stressed, overwhelmed and embarrassed about your home?

  • Would you like to clear your clutter, organise your home and put some simple systems and routines in place to keep it tidy?

Then you've come to the right place!  I'm Niki & I can help you clear your clutter, organise your home & establish systems to keep it clean & tidy. 

Three ingredients for creating tidy homes

Keeping a tidy, clutter free and organised home requires a balanced approach, with focus on three main skills or tasks:




Day-to-day household maintenance and mangement

The focus is often on one task alone, such as constant organising, or tidying, but failing to let go of the excess stuff. When you manage to balance all three tasks by letting go of the excess, organising the stuff you're keeping and establishing routines and systems to keep your home tidy, that's when you free yourself from overwhelm and the magic happens. 

How I can help you 

The Clutter Clearing Club- Membership Program

Monthly membership program with weekly bite size lessons, tasks & support inside a private community, to help you declutter & organise your home. 

1-2-1 Hands on support 

Working side by side, in your home, I will help you sort through & clear your clutter and organise the items you're keeping. I will help you create systems to ensure it stays tidy once I'm gone. 

Virtual Decluttering & Organising Sessions

Grab a cup of tea & lets meet online (via zoom) to chat through your problem area(s). We'll discuss a plan to get it sorted, whether its an area that needs decluttering and organising or assistance setting up routines to help with the day to day management of your home, we'll get it sorted without me even having to come to your home. 

Informative & motivational talks and workshops to suite your needs. Get in touch to discuss your requirements 

Talks &


About me & my services 

Hi, I'm Niki & I love helping woman break free from overwhelm and bring calm and order to their homes. 

I've always been very organised and enjoy having a tidy home, which meant I wasted many years trying to find the perfect solution to organise all my family's stuff and hours on end cleaning. But shortly after each organising session the disorder would return. Then in 2016 I'd finally had enough & decided it was time to simplify - it was a total game changer! Five years on and we are still living clutter free. 

I could never of imagined just how much clearing the physical clutter would change our lives. But it gave us the head space to simplify many other areas. My husband and I went on to lose a combined 100 pounds of excess weight, cleared our debt & moved from sunny South Africa to beautiful Ireland. 

I came to realize that keeping a tidy home didn't require hours of organising and cleaning, that the magic happens when you focus on all three areas, decluttering, organisation and creating simple systems and routines to keep it all tidy. 

In 2019 I completed my Declutter Academy certification and started Simplify & Sort. Now I help others clear their clutter & get organised. 

All services are: 

  • Non judgmental 

  • Confidential 

  • Focused on progress rather than perfection

  • Empowering- I want to teach you skills you will use for life 

  • Supportive, but always ensure you remain in charge of all decision making 

  • Focused on balance and simplicity 

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Love notes from  clients 

"I would highly recommend Niki's services after recently doing her Online course. Thanks to Niki's invaluable information, guidance, useful tips, tricks and support I am now doing successfully what I have been trying and failing at for years. If you're bogged down by clutter talk to Niki, your home and your head will thank you!! 


"Our workshop/office/hobby room was a shambles! I can not believe the organisation that took place in a couple of hours! Niki somehow inspired motivation and got me to really consider the different work areas and the flow of what happens in each area, which made it easy to declutter and organise each area effectively!..Would highly recommend, excited to get into an organised and tidy space tomorrow and get creative"


"I had the pleasure of working with Niki to declutter and organise my wardrobe, Niki made the process simple and stress free, She really inspired me and gave me lots of practical storage and organisational solutions. It's now so much easier to see what I have at a glance.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Niki and plan to work with her in the future to bring order back to my cluttered kitchen "


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