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Hi, Im Niki 

A wife, mother, entrepreneur & decluttering enthusiast! 

I'm known for being super organised and love planning out & organsing every aspect of my life!


Even as I child I was organised (It's my super power), I could often be found tidying my room and organsing my stuff.  Creating order has always brought me joy! 

Letting go of stuff, on the other hand, didn't come quite so easily and was a skill I only learnt in my 30's, when I embarked on a year long journey to clear my family's well hidden (organised) clutter. 

I'm originally from sunny South Africa, but my family and I now live a simpler life, in the countryside of beautiful Ireland 

Why work with me? 

Rationally knowing you need to declutter isn't enough, often you need assistance to get to the bottom of your resistance, decluttering blocks & mistakes, so you can stop moving clutter around.  

Having someone to talk through the decision making process with, can make it easier to let go.

I've spent many years testing out the best ways to declutter, organise and maintain every area of the home, save time and effort trying to figure it out on your own 

Decluttering , organising and day to day home management are skills many haven't been taught. Let me show you how! 

I bring a fresh pair of eyes to the situation and solutions you may not have thought of .  

A few snapshots from my life 

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